The Workshop Swap

The Workshop Swap


October Goals

Happy spooky season writers. Are you closer to prepping your work for NaNoWriMo? If not, don’t worry. It’s only October. We’ll be shaking things up next year trying to get the most out of our group. Keep an eye out for the survey in your inbox. See you in the group chat!

About The Workshop Swap

We’re all writers here.

Writing is hard. We know. We’re doing it too. And we’re here to support each other.

We talk and critique entirely online.

We have a private Slack which lets us talk and share our writing. Slack allows us to create channels so that we can separate ourselves into groups to focus on the skills associated with writing for each age group.

We share an organized Google Drive for feedback.

Whether your work is done, barely halfway through, or only one scene long, there’s a folder for that. Different lengths need different eyes.

Ideas are important. That’s why we protect them with an NDA at sign up.

The idea monster is important. Whether it’s fully fleshed out or just hatched. The NDA is kept on file to protect authors and their ideas. You can join TWS without filling out the NDA.

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