Google Docs Help

If you’re not familiar with workshopping in Google Docs, have no fear. We have this handy guide.

Making Comments

The best way you can help as an editor and/or beta reader is to make comments. The first step is to highlight the text you want to make a comment about.

Then click one of two comments buttons.

A box will appear on the side

When you’re done, click on COMMENT and your comment will appear beside the text. When the author is ready to review their feedback, they will be able to see the exact text on which you are commenting. 

Suggesting Instead of Editing

Editing is up to the author. Yes, even misspellings and grammatical errors. But we all need help sometimes with especially awakrdly worded sentences and run ons and missing hyphens in not-often-hyphenated words.

The first step is to switch to Suggestion mode. In the top right corner is a drop-down menu with Editing, Suggestion, and Viewing mode.

Now, whatever you do in the text of the document from fixing wording to fixing formatting, will show up as a suggestion for the author to accept or deny.

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